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Hot Pot

Online slotmachine

I designed and animated all the graphics for this flash based game.
Music by Ari Pulkkinen (you know, he also made The Angry Birds Theme).

Commissioned by PAF.com

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Vintage Buses

Two digital paintings depicting classic buses that has been in use on the Åland Islands.
I also made an illustration and a cancel for the First Day Cover.

Commissioned by the Åland Post
Date of issue: 19.09.2012
Size of stamps: 38,5 x 30 mm

Ford TT Volvo L224

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Christmas Cards 2012

Merry Fishmas!

Four Christmas cards, four postage-paid illustrations and one first day cancel.

Commissioned by The Åland Post.

Cardsize: 105 x 148 mm
Date of issue: 9 October 2012

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Corporate Identity

A tailored WordPress site for a CBT consultancy with custom logo and graphics.

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Digital Paintings

Just for fun!

Btw, I also make music

Listen to some commissioned work right here

About me, Alexander Lindén

quote Alexander has worked flawlessly and with serious quality put into every project and assignment given to him.

- Bo Andersson, CEO Grin Inc.

People have hired me to create many things.

  • Illustrations and graphics for print, web and games.
  • Animations with After Effects and Flash.
  • Storyboards.
  • Sounddesign for online games.
  • Music for games and animations.
  • WordPress Sites.
Wiew a list of published games I've worked on

  • Hot Pot, Paf.com
  • Beach Bingo, Paf.com
  • Treasure Diver, Paf.com
  • Hi-Lo Hunter, Paf.com
  • Double Joker Poker, Paf.com
  • Robin Hood, Paf.com
  • Jungle Mystery, Paf.com
  • One-Eye’s Treasure, Paf.com
  • Bandits, Grin Inc
  • Ballistics, Grin Inc

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